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Hey guys, for the month of April all vehicles that receive a Full service will get a Cabin Filter for FREE! These range anyway from $60.00 upwards.

So, what is a cabin filter?

A cabin filter is a small, pleated unit, often made of an engineered material or paper-based, multifibre cotton.

How does it work?

As the outside air enters your vehicle’s engine it goes through the Cabin Filter, then through the heating and AC system and finally enters your car.

The Cabin filter helps to prevent and trap any unwanted nasties and contaminants entering your vehicle and the air that you breathe. Things like dust, pollen, mold spores, rodent droppings, to name a few.

As most people drive with their windows up a closed circuit is created therefore, it is important to make sure that the air you are breathing in your vehicle is good quality.

Depending on where you live can also dictate how often you may need to have your Cabin filter changed. For example, if you live in built up urban area your Cabin filter is working extra hard to trap all of those harmful airborne contaminants.

What happens if my Cabin filter isn’t replaced regularly?

The quality of the air that you breathe in your vehicle may start to decline.

You may notice that your allergies and asthma may be heightened whilst you are driving.

An unpleasant smell may soon be noticeable as your Cabin filter is so full it can no longer reduce the dust and pollutants entering.

Having a dirty or clogged filter may impact on the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems which can then lead to premature failure of the components within these systems.

Do all vehicles have Cabin Filters?

The simple answer is no; not all vehicles do. Most modern vehicle from 2000 onwards have Cabin Filters but again, there are a few makes and models that don’t.

Want to know if your vehicle has one? Give us a call 09-420-8177 or pop into see us!

Book in with us for the month of April for a full service and you will get your cabin filter replaced for FREE!

For some additional information check out the Youtube video below.

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